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Wish it was better - I need this to work

First - support for Apple Watch would be nice, at least let me know when I have a new message. Second, I wish it would clear messages once dive read them - like others - it constantly tells me I have. New message when I dont. Please at least get these two things fixed! Thanks!

Horrible, stupid and lame!

FB app is perfect as is, who the F wants or needs some stupid secondary app for "chatting". Come on now, stop wasting space on my phone with additional apps, and combine this into it again!

200 mb app are you serious?

This app takes too much memory

Still doesnt work well

- Wont work if youre on a cell tower - yu have to be on wifi only. Whats the point? - They jsu tmodified it to make it more annoying - you could dismiss view counts jsut by visiting the page. Now you have to actually read every single post in order to clear the notification count. Way annoying. Nice concept, bu tthey still cant get it right.


I dont understand why this app will drop an entire post that you have worked hard to write for your business and then when its time to post it wont post! I guess if its a good day, it will post. Otherwise, you can forget it!

No. Just no.

No, I dont want yet another Facebook app. No, I dont want to boost my post, I want you to let my post be seen by all followers. No, I dont need an ad from Facebook every time I do anything with my business page. No, this app isnt everything in one place. Just no.

Lastest update a misery!

I cannot get rid of the "optional update" window that now opens on my page when making a video. If its optional make it optional. I just want to record videos. I dont need all this extra malarkey youve added on that doesnt work well anyway. Theres also a marked difference as to how great my page looks on my phone and the mess the same content is on computer. The photo for the page is all wrong and cant be edited to be fixed. So annoying! These big fancy schmancy updates to pages leave a LOT to be desired.

This is a much better update

I love those updates much better than the other one.

Its getting worse and worse. Now messages are broken.

GETTING WORSE! Now I cant even click to view the details of a post in my Page feed unless I restart the app. Its been doing this all day for several updates now. Can I get some feedback on this?

Front camera IPad

This version doesnt work with Facebook live my front camera is black and will not change...


As an admin of a page I am unable to view all the comments left on a post. I unable to monitor any inappropriate comments. Annoying to say the least.

198 MB? Seriously?

Come on. Clean up your code. This app doesnt warrant 198MB. Ugh. Deleting.

Pretty good, but I would like to suggest ..,

A new suggestion: when reviewing Recent Shares: I dont want to see all the Shares of someone elses post that I shared on my page. I only want to see shares of posts that originated on my page. I wish I could select a cover photo without uploading a new photo, like I can do with the profile photo.

Cant stand how many apps you need

Facebook needs to get its act together because having 15 different apps to deal with every little thing is a pain in the butt. Whats next, one app for your news feed and a separate app for posting things? Ridiculous

Pointless app

Its really stupid that you have to download another app for something the first app can do.

Notifications arent accurate

I like having the apps separate, unlike other reviewers, however, I cant check my notifications and have them clear. Therefore I never know when someone has done something that requires a response.

One more pointless app.

Lets face it, Facebook has been essentially trying to replace the internet. They poorly copy every app. Facebook has become so messy that it requires multiple apps just to use its basic features. The apps contain piles of terrible additional features, and each app constantly demands that you set your phone up to notify you every time anything happens. I dont understand why Facebook feels the need to demand you to use their apps a certain way, but they do constantly. They do not care about what users want. They only care about forcing their way and apps on people dont dont even really want to be users to begin with. So stupid.


This app is horrible. It is not easy to navigate. It does not update frequently. Example, Facebook app will show X amount of visitors but the Facebook Manager App will show X amount of people minus several hundred, sometimes even several thousand. Last but not least, it does not always send alerts when messages are received or someone posts on your page. To the designers and engineers, I think its time to throw in the towel on this one. Upgrade and update the actual Facebook App to incorporate managing pages.

Notifications are confusing

Its incredible how after all this time and all these complains, this is still an issue. App cant seem to decide how many new notifications I have. Little red circle on the Pages app icon tells me I have 14 notifications, and I get a separate Facebook notice "you page received 14 new messages". I open the Pages app up and discover I have not received any new messages at all. So I close the app, and the red circle number goes back down to 2. This repeats several times a day. Honestly, what is happening with this app? Once the app is opened, it should assume youve become aware of any unread messages, or notifications, so there is no need to notify the user 6 times a day about "new messages" that arent there. Please fix!

Its getting worse and worse. Now messages are broken.

GETTING WORSE! Now I cant even click to view the details of a post unless I restart the app. Its been doing this for several updates now. Can I get some feedback on this?

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