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No way to turn off sounds

Its a useful app rendered hopelessly annoying by the constant popping and clicking whenever you interact with it. And theres no way to turn them OFF! Its terrible.

Has great potential but is frustrating and needs a lot of work.

Push notifications dont work for me so this app is useless when it comes to helping your response time to messages. Also sometimes post images dont display in the app. I will continue to use it in the hope that it improves because it could be a great way to monitor the action on your business page. Please improve this app Facebook!


Why does this app make sounds now? And why cant I turn them off? And why the heck is it over 100MB?!

Stop the app sounds

Hate the new update. Everything worked fine. No noticeable difference in function except THE ANNOYING SOUND! Why!?


In app sounds are incredibly annoying and no option to disable them like the Facebook general app.


Glitchy, slow, crappy app. Wastes a ton of my time but, to my knowledge, I dont have a choice because its the only app to manage my community page on FB.

Its ok but.....

It just stopped working all together yesterday. I cant open the app and its crucial to my small business as I have followers looking for my updates! Fix it!

Annoying sounds

These chirping sounds are really annoying and cannot be disabled. They occur when I refresh my page among other times. They occurred two releases ago and I was thrilled the last release when they disappeared. This current release theyre back. Youve earned your 1-star rating.


I use this app to run multiple pages, but I do have a problems. Often it says a post has 6 comments, or Ill get a notification stating someone commented, but when I check the photo or status nothing appears. I would also like there to be a separate banner notification setting for when you receive messages so I can improve my message time. In running 10 pages, I cannot always respond to messages in a timely manner unless I am constantly checking the app, which I cannot do with all of my other responsibilities.


Enough with the bubble click sounds. Remove it!


For several days now, I will get notifications of messages, but am unable to access. They simply dont appear in this app. That is a very serious and detrimental flaw.


This apps crash every time fix it

Cant get messages!!!

This is by far one annoying app. I get notifications every now abs then when they come through that someone has messaged me, but when I go to check messages to respond, they are no where to be found! This is not how a business page app is supposed to work and it needs to be corrected ASAP! Not good for business!


Why not allowed to download?

How can I turn off the in-app sounds with the new update?

Love this app except for two things. I wish it would take me back to the home screen after I schedule a post. And I cant figure out how to turn off the sounds within the app. I never noticed them before so either a setting got reset or they added this feature. I dont want to hear all the click and pop sounds Also, now it appears that I liked all my own posts?! Weird

Needs WORK!!

Updates make this app close out right after opening.. Like the App just needs LOADS of support !

Doesnt give notifications

I get messages but either I receive a notice saying I have 10 msgs form the regular FB app (when its 1 new and 9 already read and replied to msgs) or nothing at all. Pretty frustrating.

Dislike this update!

I dislike this April 2016 update very much. Please give us the option of using the former view of our boards. I cant find anything. I am heartbroken as a long time fan and user.

Latest update crashes

Cannot do anything with this update. Immediately crashes when trying to open app

Owner Nonnas Cakes

Messages is still a problem, I get them most of the time but not always. When Im notified on my personal FB page that I have a message on the pages manager, it wont open. Also Im notified when I pick up a new "like" who that is, but would like to know who It is when one is withdrawn. I would gladly pay a small fee monthly if you stopped all this algorithm crap.

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