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No pages feed

I use to be able to share and comment as my page on pages that I had liked (my pages feed). But it seems to have disappeared on the mobile app. Please bring it back!


Turn off the god damned sounds. How difficult is it?? Cant you see people want it to be optional????

Stupid sounds

Why are there now sounds. And why cant i turn them OFF. Quit trying to fix what aint broke.


Nothing but a blank white page for a week now.

Livestream is great but....

Facebook, you need to not have the live stream video saved on our devices! I have to delete the app just to recover all the space from my hour and a half live stream feed. Fix this somehow. Its really annoying.


Its terrible. Simply put. It lacks the features that you would expect and instead adds ones you wouldnt care for. I often schedule my posts for the next day, yet, everytime I do, I get the same notification basically saying "Hey, we saw you scheduled a post! You can edit it here!" as it proceeds to take you to the edit scheduled post screens. Now if it were the first time only or an option, I could forgive it. BUT IT SHOWS UP EVERYTIME YOU SCHEDULE A POST. It gets even more annoying because some of the many Facebook app layouts dont have a schedule option (Ive tested it, different accounts have different layouts.) Not to mention the fact that you STILL can not message other pages or even see other pages information. Its just terrible. But who knows, maybe theyll fix it with the 7 million updates they push out to try and reset the bad reviews they both have.

Sounds are obnoxious

The pop sounds that were added with one of the recent updates need to go away permanently.

Reduce the app size!

This is one of those apps that I have to have on my phone against my will, would at least want it to have the smallest app size possible


OMG with the updates! Hogging too much memory!

Go live!

It would be nice if you could go live on the pages app that way you can go live as your brand. Etc.

So . . . whats new?

Nothing new to note yet the stupid sounds continue. Enough already.

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